Wild Turkey reveals UK’s modern men lack essential ‘manly’ skills

New research shows 45% of men in the UK want to perfect their wet shaving skills, while 43% want to learn
how to mix a classic cocktail


London, November 2018: Authentic American bourbon, Wild Turkey, asked nearly 2,000* modern UK men what skills they’ve yet to master as part of their repertoire. While changing a tyre (41%), telling a good joke (40%) and tying a necktie (35%) all scored highly in the list of men’s essentials, a huge 43% would like to learn how to mix a classic cocktail – a skill that came second only to perfecting a wet shave, which got a whopping 45% of the vote.


Taking a closer look at the data, Wild Turkey finds that nearly two-thirds of UK men (63%) don’t know how to serve up a classic Old Fashioned – the most popular cocktail of choice in the World’s Best Barsi. It’s a simple way to make a big impression, but it looks like a crisis of confidence might be stopping men from mixing cocktails like a professional – a massive 68% of those asked found the prospect more intimidating than perfecting a wet shave (32%).

Where does that leave manliness? Whilst men all over the UK are furiously growing their moustaches in the month of November, the news that nearly half them don’t yet have the know-how to keep their ‘tache tamed and beard trimmed doesn’t make for a good look. This need to brush up on the wet shave is mirrored in the drinks department, where the only thing stopping Brits from bossing it is bravery.

The good news is that Wild Turkey has got guys’ backs. Their current collaboration with Murdock London – the city’s best barbers – has resulted in Go with the Grain, a series of workshops where you can pick up smooth shaving tips and learn how to mix a Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned like a pro. A good job too, as the most popular moustache with nearly half (46%) of the vote is ‘the scruffy’ ‘tache, coming out on top over ‘the pencil’ (20%), ‘the walrus’ (13%), ‘the handlebar’ (12%) and ‘the horseshoe’ (8%).

For those new to the facial hair game, brand ambassador, Sam Kershaw, has matched the best bourbon cocktails to some of the UK’s most popular ‘taches, as acting the part is just as important as looking it.


Everyone knows that practice makes perfect –  so why not get ahead by ordering Wild Turkey 101 from Amazon here and following the recipe below. A little effort could go a long way – it really is a small step for man…

iDrinks International, 2018. The Old Fashioned was once again cited as the world’s most popular cocktail

Last updated Nov 29 2018