Wild Turkey releases America’s favourite Barrel Proof Bourbon in the UK

 ‘Bourbon Buddha’ hit arrives in time for Fall and Thanksgiving celebrations

Drinkers who like their spirits with big bold flavours have a new way to wet their whistle with Wild Turkey® Rare Breed® landing in the UK for the first time.  Bottling at barrel proof (uncut with water) gives an extra edge to the rich and silky bourbon whiskies that have aged for six, eight and 12 years in oak barrels at the distillery’s home in Lawrenceberg, Kentucky.

Already the number one barrel proof bourbon in the USA, Rare Breed has been carefully crafted, without compromise, by Jimmy Russell, the legendary 82 year old Master Distiller of Wild Turkey (in his home town, Jimmy is known as the ‘Bourbon Buddha’). The result is an exceptionally rich full-bodied bourbon with sweet notes, spicy characteristics and a long, dried fruit finish.  Attaining an easy-drinking bourbon at such a high alcohol strength (56.4% ABV) is no easy feat.

Commenting on the product, Jimmy’s son, and fellow Master Distiller, Eddie Russell said:  “We’ve always liked to age our bourbons for longer than many other distillers and when it’s tried like this without water, you can really see why this makes sense.  The Wild Turkey peppery, spicy characteristics burst out, but they’re sweetly rounded from the years of maturation in brand new oak barrels.  Hell, it’s so smooth Jimmy keeps his in the freezer so he can serve it chilled without ice diluting it.”

To make a batch of Rare Breed, only the finest bourbons are selected from the warehouses.  The six year old whiskies gives the drink a lively kick, the eight year olds offers a smooth heart and the 12 year olds deliver a rich depth.

The release of Rare Breed in the UK comes at a time when bartenders and consumers are tuning into the qualities of bourbon, both in cocktails like the old fashioned and neat, often as a boilermaker partner.  Judges at the world’s top competitions also recognise Rare Breed’s excellence – it collected a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition earlier this year.

Available from Amazon, The Whisky Exchange and specialist retailers with a RRP of £47.95 for a 700ml bottle, Wild Turkey Rare Breed is on shelf from now.  The stocky glass bottle comes with a cork stopper and both the bottle and outer pack carry awesomely detailed turkey illustrations.

Tasting notes:

Colour:                Bright amber

Nose:                   Dense aromas of roasted whole nots, peppercorns, banana custard pie and burnt sugar with a round silky medium-full body

Taste:                  Tongue-warming polished wood, lemongrass, slate and white pepper finish (with water added, rounds out to a long, lingering finish with dried fruits)

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Last updated May 17 2017