All the small things

Create your own milestone: study reveals Millennials are choosing to elevate small wins and make them “GRAND”


  • 76% of young Brits are turning their backs on traditional life achievements
  • Over a third have not achieved any of ‘traditional’ life goals and would rather ‘live in the moment’
  • This ‘Live Grand’ movement means that up to 46% of Millennials actively search for moments to celebrate compared to 10% of people over 40

LONDON, 19TH October – New research has revealed that three quarters (76%) of young Brits are turning their backs on traditional life achievements, instead looking to celebrate everyday wins that are more reachable, elevating them to something bigger. The research by Grand Marnier found that half (53%) of young British adults (aged 20-39) find an occasion to turn the normal into the grand, at least once month compared to just 10% of over 40 counterparts.

This new trend sees Millennials elevating moments like booking a holiday (31%), receiving an unexpected freebie (29%) and ticking something off a bucket list (28%), from normal everyday occurrences to causes for celebration.

Top celebrations:

  1. Meeting a health and fitness goal such as completing a tough mudder (26%)
  2. Getting praised by a boss, colleague or client (24%)
  3. Receiving a compliment (23%)
  4. Successfully budgeting and saving money at the end of the month (23%)
  5. Buying the perfect present for someone (22%)
  6. Bumping into an old friend unexpectedly (19%)

By elevating these typical life moments, young adults have started to redefine what counts as a life accomplishment. Alongside traditional goals like buying a house and getting married1, this age group have introduced their own new goals including running their own business (39%), learning to speak another language (25%), visiting every continent (20%) or living abroad (15%).

It’s not just the moments that have become more eccentric, but how they celebrate them, with many now opting to indulge with a drink in the bath (34%), sharing a post on social media (43%) or eating what they want without worrying (51%) – some of the most popular ways to mark special occasions amongst millennials, according to the research.

According to experts, this move towards elevating the small moments, can be attributed to Millennials’ more positive outlook on life, with 46% of those aged 20-39 actively searching for moments to celebrate compared to 10% of people over 40. Psychologist Dr. Lynda Shaw comments:

“Traditionally, the grand moments in a person’s life were fairly obvious – turning 18, buying your first home, getting married. The problem with these traditional moments are that they aren’t necessarily relevant to how a Millennial lives. They are a generation of smart, resourceful and astute people who appreciate that life is worth living now, so it makes sense that they have decided to change the moments they celebrate. 

This “Live Grand” movement sees young British adults re-imagining what they feel to be a cause for celebration or a “life moment” and setting their goals accordingly, with 70% of Millennials celebrating 48 of these moments a year – that’s almost once a week.”

The research was conducted by Grand Marnier, the iconic French liqueur, as part of their #LiveGrand campaign designed to encourage people to mark their everyday wins. You can share your successes with Grand Marnier using #LiveGrand across social media.

The research was conducted by 4Media on behalf of Grand Marnier, surveying 2,000 adults, aged between 20-50 years old.


Top Life Goals:

  1. Complete a fitness challenge e.g., an Iron man (20%)
  2. Write a best-selling book (18%)
  3. Start a successful blog (14%)
  4. Live to 100 years old (13%)
  5. Climb a mountain (10%)

1 Get married (70%), buy a first home or flat (65%)

Last updated Sep 12 2018