Number one Italian non-alcoholic aperitif crodino officially launches in the UK

Campari UK presents the perfect opportunity for the trade to capitalize on consumer demand for premium soft drinks options

London, UK, XX May 2017Campari UK today announces the official launch of its non-alcoholic aperitif offering – named CRODINO – to the UK market.

CRODINO is the most-consumed non-alcoholic aperitif in Italy. The product takes its name from Crodo, a small town located in the North West of Italy, where it has been produced and bottled since 1964. Its secret recipe is a traditional infusion of carefully selected herbs, spices, woods and roots which are ripened for six months, before being converted into blond spirits – giving it a distinctive and refreshing aroma.

This aperitif provides a perfect alternative to alcohol for the after-work and early evening drinks occasion – and capitalizes on the current trend towards bitter flavours.

The two key serves of CRODINO are:

  • Straight: As it has no alcohol content, Crodino can be enjoyed in the Italian way – as a standalone, just by pouring it into a glass with plenty of ice and a fresh orange slice that exudes the spicy aromas
  • Crodino Fizz: Alternatively, another option is to blend Crodino and soda water, served in a balloon glass with ice and a garnish of orange slice

The launch of CRODINO to the UK market comes at a time of increasing consumer demand for alcohol alternatives; and provides the trade with a real opportunity to capitalize consumer desire for a premium soft drink experience – allowing them to socialize without consuming alcohol.

Data from the Office of National Statistics found that 40% of adult respondents had not drunk alcohol in the last week, and half of that 40% said they were teetotal – the lowest rate of alcohol consumption since the survey began over 10 years ago.1 It’s also notable that the 16-24 age group was among the age groups least likely to have consumed alcohol in the last week.2

There are a range of reasons that consumers are aiming to reduce their alcohol intake; from a desire to improve their health, to the rise of brunch and all-day dining as drinking occasions – and CRODINO offers these consumers a premium alternative that is an “alcohol lookalike” and has a sophisticated, bitter flavour.

Data shows that consumers are searching for more sophisticated and discerning non-alcoholic drinks experiences; recent CGA insights recorded a 31.8% increase in consumption, in the premium soft drink category in 2016.

Pietro Mattioni, Managing Director of Campari UK, commented: “We continue to see great performance from our Italian brands, with Aperol and Campari in particular showing strong growth. There is a clear demand for bitter drinks, so it’s great to be expanding our offering in the UK by adding a non-alcoholic aperitif – CRODINO – which offers customers a sophisticated alternative to alcohol. CRODINO has long enjoyed great success in Italy and we are confident that it will be a popular addition to the UK drinking and dining scene.”

CRODINO is NOW officially available to the on trade in the UK, with a recommended retail price of £2.50 for a straight serve.

CRODINO will feature on Carluccio’s menus nationwide from 9th May, as an addition to their soft drinks offering.



Last updated Jun 08 2017