Galleria Campari On Tour opens in London

Leonetto Cappiello Spiritello


Largest collection of iconic artwork from early 1900s to be displayed for first-time ever in the UK

London, August the 3rd - The artistic creations of Galleria Campari will be featured in the Galleria Campari On Tour exhibition from 3rd August until 31st December 2016 housed at Osteria at the Barbican.

Located in one of the UK’s foremost cultural institutions, the contemporary yet iconic space will exhibit a dynamic collection of the most representative artworks from Campari’s rich history.  Making its debut in London, the exhibition will recount the story of the brand through modern and contemporary expressions of artistic works created by well-known international artists, in an initiative conceived by the gallery’s artistic director, Marina Mojana.

The exhibition will be a journey into the evolution of time, displayed through the 9 works of art exhibited. From Marcello Nizzoli (1887-1969), creator of the Post-Cubist Campari poster, to the young Futurist Fotunato Depero (1907-1998), to Leonetto Cappiello’s original 1921 piece ‘Spritello’ – one of the most innovative creators of advertising art who is being exhibited for the first time in the UK at Osteria. A print of Graphic declination of the name Campari by Bruno Munari (1907-1998) will also be displayed – a poster created in 1964 for the inauguration of Milan’s first metropolitan line and is currently part of the permanent collection at the MoMA in New York. Other artists include Marcello Dudovich and Giovanni Mingozzi - who produced a number of artworks here represented by Dame e ufficiali and CampariSoda e Bicchiere respectively.

The collaboration between Campari and the artistic world has its origins at the beginning of the century, when Campari first began to establish itself as ‘the aperitif par excellence’.

Art and cocktail enthusiasts are invited to sample a flight of Negroni’s - the most renowned Campari cocktail that has captured the nation’s tastebuds - or sip on the aptly named ‘Spiritello’ cocktail in homage to Leonetto Cappiello’s 1921 piece. Complementing the collection, Michelin-starred Chef Anthony Demetre has designed a bespoke tasting menu with an emphasis on seasonality and Italian produce. Guests can sample Salt Baked Sea Bass, a Roast Saddle of Rabbit and for the sweeter tooth – the Italian classic Vanilla and Strega Panna Cotta will be paired with late summer berries. Anthony will also be highlighting the intricate and botanical tones of Campari throughout the menu, with hints of the closely guarded ingredients throughout the menu.

To be able to work so closely with one of the most iconic Italian brands is truly an honour. The depth of flavour in Campari is something I’m really excited about translating into the dishes – we spent a lot of time developing the menu to make sure each plate was just right, - the focus remains on quality produce and an Italian influence, but with a nod to the botanics of the drink.’ says Anthony Demetre

Pietro Mattioni, Managing Director of Campari UK said: ‘It is incredibly exciting to be debuting Galleria Campari on Tour in the UK.   Celebrating the 155-years old history of Campari, the heritage brand in our portfolio – visitors will be able to witness the Italian style and rich artwork of this iconic brand.”

The Galleria Campari On Tour exhibition will be on display at Osteria and Amore Bibo from 4th August to the end of the year.


Galleria Campari
Osteria by Searcys
Level 2
Barbican Centre
Silk Street

List of works exhibited:

Leonetto Cappiello, Lo spiritello, 1921 - original
Leonetto Cappiello, Bifronte, 1921 - copy
Marcello Dudovich, Dame e ufficiali, 1913 - copy
Marcello Nizzoli, Campari l’aperitivo, 1926 - copy
Marcello Nizzoli, Cordial Campari, 1926 - copy
Nino Nanni, L’Olimpionico degli aperitivi, 1960 - copy
Bruno Munari, Declinazione grafica del nome Campari / Grafic declination of the name Campari, 1964 - copy
Giovanni Mingozzi,  CampariSoda Bicchiere,  1950 - copy
Fortunato Depero, Cordial Campari, 1929-30 - copy

Notes to Editors:

Galleria Campari was inaugurated on 18 March 2010, on the brand’s 150th anniversary. The gallery is situated within the Palazzino Liberty building, which dates back to 1904, and is located on Via Gramsci in Sesto San Giovanni. The building was the first industrial production facility created by Davide Campari, son of founder Gaspare Campari. It was remodelled by architect Mario Botta, whose exquisite compositional skills garnered the building status as a new building of undisputed architectural and urban value. It has been the location of the Gruppo Campari headquarters since April 2009. Since 2011, Galleria Campari has been part of the Museimpresa.

Last updated May 17 2017