Campari® sponsored #Negroniweek enjoys most successful year to date with more than 7,000 venues participating worldwide

Annual international fundraising event which aims to bring people together over the iconic Campari-based bittersweet classic cocktail, the Negroni, raises $537,000 (£410,000) for charitable causes across the globe


London, August 2017: #NegroniWeek, the international fundraising collaboration sponsored by Campari, Italy’s iconic vibrant red bitter, has broken its own records for the fifth year in a row, raising an impressive $537,000 (£410,000) for a range of charities around the world. The week-long charity initiative ran between 5th - 11th June 2017 and saw over 7,700 bars, restaurants and retailers from around the world participate.

First launching in 2013 with around 100 participating bars, 2017 saw Negroni Week expand significantly, including its launch in the UK market.  Over 60 markets signed up from countries as far-reaching as the USA, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Australia and Greece. In total, venue involvement increased by 28% compared to 2016 – a sign of the growing popularity of the Campari-based Negroni, coupled with Negroni Week’s newly simplified charitable giving element.

The UK launch significantly contributed to the total funds raised for 2017, with nearly 300 bars signed up to take part in the initiative across the country.

To help raise further awareness of Negroni Week and drive maximum reach and donations, Campari’s key markets activated their own local 360° marketing campaigns, investing in consumer activation, social media and PR while hosting a series of unique Negroni-themed events.

2017 marked a major milestone for Campari UK as it celebrated its first-ever official Negroni Week. Campari UK partnered with 10 of London’s best bars to kick off Negroni Week in style, offering limited complementary Negronis to consumers who said a particular Italian phrase (“E’ L’ora Del Campari”) – to celebrate the Negroni’s Italian heritage. Other activities included a bespoke ‘Negroni Journey’ for twelve key media titles, taking them on private bus tour of five of London’s best bars hearing the story of Campari and the Negroni from a Campari expert.

This year’s #NegroniWeek theme across Campari’s global social media channels was ‘How to Negroni Week’, providing all those involved with tips on how to make the most of the week and raise as much money as possible for the 42 curated charities. This year’s top fundraiser was Kettner Exchange in San Diego USA, who raised over $6,000 for Negroni Week charity partner One More Wave.

Campari’s social media channels played a pivotal role in this year’s campaign success, helping to raise awareness of #NegroniWeek within the social space. In total, ‘Negroni Week’ received more than 17,000 online mentions, achieved a remarkable reach of 11 million on Social Media and saw the hashtag #NegroniWeek being used more than 5,000 times on Instagram alone.

Andrea Neri, Managing Director, Italina Icons, Gruppo Campari, comments: “It’s incredible to see Negroni Week grow from strength to strength each year, yet 2017 feels extra special considering the sharp increase in money raised for such worthy charitable causes. Testament to the sheer determination and generosity of all those involved, I speak for everyone at Campari in declaring how very proud we are to play our part in such a positive campaign and I want to thank all those who participated. Cheers to you!”

Notable Worldwide Negroni Week Activations

  • UK
    2017 marked a major milestone for Campari UK as it celebrated its first-ever official Negroni Week. In order to raise awareness, key activities included a bespoke ‘Negroni Journey’ for twelve key media titles, taking them on private bus tour of five of London’s best bars where they enjoyed a Negroni whilst hearing the story of Campari and the Negroni from a Campari expert. This activation was then rolled out for consumers across four UK cities. Campari UK also partnered with 10 of London’s best bars to kick off Negroni Week celebrations by offering limited complementary Negronis to consumers who said a particular Italian phrase - “E’ L’ora Del Campari” - upon visiting (to celebrate the Negroni’s Italian heritage).
  • USA
    Driving high levels of awareness for Negroni Week both in the lead up to and during the week-long event, Campari America executed an impressive marketing campaign, utilising a host of promotional channels including PR, social media, experiential and brand partnership activity. Key highlights included hosting a unique Negroni Week kick-off event in New York City. The event was entitled ‘Negroni Week – Past, Present and Future’ and celebrated all major milestones of the bittersweet classic cocktail, including five successful years of the USA-born initiative. Each different section of the bar was transformed to represent a respective ‘era’ of the Negroni and four prominent bartenders (Josh Campbell, Julie Reiner, Naren Young and Leo Robitschek – all Campari Academy members) were invited to create their own futuristic Negroni riffs. In addition, Campari America collaborated with the cab firm, Lyft Rideshare, to offer Negroni Week partygoers a safe ride home.
  • Argentina
    Collaborating with prominent Argentinian Director, Juan Campanella and renowned local bartender, Sebastian Atienza, who previously featured in Campari Red Diaries 2017, Campari Argentina created a series of seven videos that each highlighted the message, ‘no Negroni, without Campari’. Travelling to New York, Campanella shot footage of Atienza living the Negroni Week experience in the city that never sleeps, capturing him doing what he does best – mixing a Negroni in a famous New York bar. Published across Campari Argentina’s social media channels, the series has generated more than 100,000 views to-date.
  • Germany
    Implementing a comprehensive 360° marketing campaign, Campari Germany executed a complementary mix of PR and social media activity, on-trade activation, consumer events and brand partnerships. Key activity included engaging with the on-trade through a pre-Negroni Week masterclass, emulating Campari’s recent project, Campari Red Diaries 2017, in capturing a series of portraits of each attending bartender for use on social media, showcasing Germany’s leading Negroni Week ‘advocates’. Consumer-facing events included a touring Negroni Week drinks truck popping up in Munich, Hamburg and Cologne, while the World Record for the largest ever Negroni was broken in Hamburg.
  • Italy
    As the home of Campari and the birthplace of the Negroni, Campari Italy’s promotion of Negroni Week was magnified by the production of a video uncovering the backstory of the iconic Campari-based, bittersweet classic cocktail. The video featured renowned Italian bartender, Luca Picchi, touring the streets of Florence to visit locations that play a fundamental role in the history of the Negroni, and highlighting Campari’s role as the essential ingredient. Promoted across Campari’s social media channels, the video helped to spread awareness of Negroni Week, while giving consumers interesting insight into the cocktail’s history.
  • Canada
    Engaging media and influencers, Campari Canada created ‘Negroni Week Hubs’ in Toronto, Vancouver and Quebec City, comprising uniquely branded content spaces offering media and influencers all the tools they needed to produce fun and engaging content to increase the reach of Negroni Week. Guests
    could not only take advantage of one to one time with a bartender enabling them to shoot exclusive video content and imagery, but could also relax and enjoy a Negroni in the hub’s ‘Campari nook’ – a place to gather and celebrate Negroni Week with their friends.
  • Spain
    Campari Spain’s Negroni Week promotions included hosting three exciting evening events, each taking place in renowned bars across three different cities: Barcelona, Madrid and even Italy – where a Spanish bartender was flown over to take part in a special guest bartending session in a different country. Each event centred on the theme of ‘guest bartending sessions’, whereby three prominent bartenders were invited to host an event in a different bar, showing off their Negroni-making skills. The Barcelona event featured Nagore Arregui, a skilled Spanish bartender who also featured in Campari Red Diaries 2017 earlier this year, along with Jonny Mirabella, both taking to the stage to create their own twist on the classic Negroni for consumers to enjoy. The activity also saw Giacomo Giannotti, bartender from Barcelona hot spot, Paradiso, fly to Italy for the penultimate night of Negroni Week, injecting some Spanish flair into the Italian classic cocktail.
  • Australia
    This year, Campari Australia promoted Negroni Week to the off-trade through the launch of a limited edition 700ml bottle of premixed Negroni, making the world famous Italian Negroni cocktail accessible for shoppers to enjoy at home. The bottle, which communicated the key message ‘no Negroni without Campari’, launched during the month of June, leveraging Negroni Week, with 750 cases made available for consumers to purchase.

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Official Negroni Recipe

Now a globally consumed contemporary classic cocktail, the prestigious IBA Official Drink List states Campari as one of the main ingredients.

Recipe ingredients:

  • 25ml  Campari
  • 25ml  Gin
  • 25ml  Sweet Red Vermouth

Recipe instructions:

  • Pour all ingredients directly into old-fashioned glass filled with ice
  • Stir gently
  • Garnish with half an orange slice

About Negroni Week

In 2013, Imbibe Magazine launched Negroni Week, a celebration of one of the world’s great cocktails and an effort to raise money for charitable causes. Now in its fifth year, Imbibe teamed up with Campari to present Negroni Week 2017. From 5th to 11th June 2017, bars around the world took part in Negroni Week, inviting people to celebrate the classic cocktail while also raising money for some great charitable causes. For more information, including a list of participating bars and upcoming events, visit and follow the hashtag #NegroniWeek.

Last updated Aug 17 2017