Campari UK toasts the Italian lifestyle together with the Italian Embassy in the UK celebrating the Italian Cuisine Week for its second year

A secret ingredient for each of its 7 Italian Icons unveiled through a bespoke food pairing created by
Tommaso Arrigoni, Michelin-starred executive chef of the digital food brand Godo

London, UK, 22 November 2017 Campari UK has once again partnered with the Italian Embassy to host an event in celebration of the Italian Cuisine Week. Made in Italy, quality, culture and key natural ingredients have been the main protagonists in a memorable evening at Campari UK’s office, based at the Shard, which was reimagined into an Italian “Mercato” setting for the event last night.

Campari VIPS

Deborah Bonetti, Foreign Press Association Chairwoman, an Italian living in London for 20 years, compered the evening celebrating the growing importance of Italian food & drink culture in the UK.

Campari Group’s Italian portfolio has proven to be a success factor being undoubtedly recognised globally as the leader of the authentic Italian Aperitivo, such as the Aperol Spritz and the Negroni. Campari’s Italian icons are contributing to spread the word on heritage, quality and the Italian approach to life, which is synonymous of Toasting Life Together, the company’s essence.

Campari-Frangelico front on

According to recent data, the Negroni and the Aperol Spritz are listed among the top 25 best-selling cocktails in the World (Drinks International). This increased popularity is continuously spreading into the UK, both on and off trade where the classic Negroni (Campari, sweet vermouth and gin) has spearheaded the move towards more complex, bitter drinks (Waitrose’s Food and Drink Report 2017-2018).

Cesare Vandini, Managing Director of Campari Group for Northern, Central & Eastern Europe: “We’re delighted to once again support the Italian Cuisine Week in the UK. Italian culture, and indeed the flavours that have been staples on Italian menus for many years, continue to grow in popularity in the UK and Campari UK is proud to own several Italian icons that contribute to this trend, having an incomparable heritage. We aim to continue to grow our brands’ awareness while being champions in an ever-growing culture of quality and wellbeing, where delicious food always accompanies a premium drink”.

Crodino close up

Since 1860 Campari Group has exported the Italian way of living, where drinks are paired with food in social moments. Campari UK contributed to Campari Group’s nine-month results recently issued posting a double digit organic growth (+23.0%) and it is the fastest growing premium spirits company in the UK (according to CGA combined with Nielsen data).

The quality and impact of Italian taste has further infiltrated British palates: according to Payment Sense’s survey (February 2017), Italian cuisine is Brits’ favourite choice of restaurant.

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Pasquale Q. Terracciano, Italian Ambassador in London, commented: “It is an absolute pleasure celebrating Campari, an inspiring, quintessentially Italian family of brands, which owes its success on global markets to its trailblazing approach and the quality of its products, which have come to represent a pillar of Italian food and beverage culture”.

Simone Sajeva, co-founder of digital food brand Godo, concluded: “It is exactly the Italian entrepreneurial spirit combined with the vision to revolutionise the food delivery market, that inspired GODO’s mission aiming not only to educate its clients about Italy’s culinary art, but also to make the Italian food aficionados feel as warm and homely as possible wherever they are”.

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The celebratory evening has seen Campari UK’s Ambassadors and GODO’s Michelin-starred chef Tommaso Arrigoni talk through the origin of the Italian Icons’ key ingredients paired with bespoke serves, in a Journey of the senses spanning from stalls dedicated to the aperitivo brands such as Crodino, Aperol and Campari, into a ‘primo’ headed by Cinzano, a ‘secondo’ immersed in the Cynar artichokes to a “Sweet Suite” dedicated to after dinner with Hazelnut liqueur Frangelico and Averna on the rocks, offering consumers with an authentic Italian drinking experience.


Crodino  Aperitivo  Nutmeg  Crodino on ice  Seared Prawns, Celeriac and Nutmeg 
Aperol  Aperitivo  Rhubarb  Aperol Spritz   Rhubarb Chutney and Parmaham 
Campari  Aperitivo  Oranges  Milanese G&T / Negroni  Celery and Orange Salad 
Cinzano  Primo  Grapes  Straight serve  Gorgonzola, Spinach and Raisins Risotto 
Cynar  Secondo  Artichoke  Cynar Julep  Stuffed Artichoke 
Averna  Dopo Cena  Lemon  Averna Ritual  Lemon Sbrisolona 
Frangelico  Dopo Cena  Tonda gentile Hazelnut  Frangelico Hazelnut Martini  Hazelnut Tiramisu 


Last updated Nov 22 2017