Campari launches Contemporary Classics - A voyage of Bittersweet Taste Discovery


Bartenders from 41 countries contribute to an assemblage of 70 contemporary reinterpretations
of iconic classic cocktails: Negroni, Americano and Boulevardier


LONDON, UK – June: To celebrate the ever-growing global classic cocktail phenomenon, Campari, the iconic Italian bitter, is releasing a compendium of contemporary Negroni, Americano and Boulevardier adaptations, created by 66 leading mixologists from across all four corners of the globe.

Building on the success of last year’s Worldwide Negroni Compendium, a collection of twists from around the world giving the ever-popular classic Negroni a modern makeover, Campari has this year extended its 2016 compendium, Contemporary Classics, to shine a light on further quintessential classic cocktails that play hero to Campari’s bittersweetness; the Americano and Boulevardier.

Contemporary Classics not only celebrates bartenders’ creativity but also takes a deep dive into the trends surrounding the ever-evolving industry of modern mixology. With cocktail culture fast-evolving and consumer palettes broadening, bartenders the world over are seeking both unusual ingredients and techniques to demonstrate their flair in creating innovative riffs on well-loved classics, whilst the cocktail crowd are increasingly relishing more authentic and intense multisensory drinking experiences.

In an effort to drive this new taste discovery, Campari has married its unique expertise with that of the world’s bartending brotherhood, inviting industry talent from countries including the UK, Spain and Germany, to add their own contemporary slants on these three much-loved classics, allowing Campari fans and bartenders alike to take inspiration from one another and enjoy these iconic cocktails like never before.

While the prominent Negroni is one of world’s most popular classic cocktails – a recipe that is steeped in history and globally recognised – its resurgence has led to the discovery of other much appreciated classic cocktails such as the Americano and the Boulevardier, as aficionados continue to seek inspiration from the past.

Each famed for their unique tales of times gone by, the Americano is recognised as the first cocktail to be ordered by James Bond in Ian Fleming’s first-ever Bond book, Casino Royale, while the Boulevardier is renowned for its link to legendary bartender Harry McElhone (the founder of Harry’s Bar in Paris). Though each has their own unique story to tell, all are linked by their focal bittersweet ingredient – Campari – which remains at the heart of them all.

Each of the 70 contemporary recipe reinterpretations will be shared with Campari’s social media community throughout the course of the year, with the aim of inspiring cocktail connoisseurs around the world to continue their voyage of bittersweet taste discovery.

Nick Williamson, Marketing Director at Campari UK said, “The flair and creativity shown in each bartender reinterpretation of these iconic recipes is testament to the classic cocktail renaissance and all that it stands for. We were overwhelmed by the response and are delighted to bring the Negroni, Americano and Boulevardier back into the spotlight on a global scale, where they rightly belong. We hope that the Contemporary Classics stands to inspire and delight Campari fans and bartenders alike, building on a heritage which has led to these contemporary classics being so widely enjoyed and cherished.”

Simone Spagnoli from Mr Fogg’s Residence, Mayfair who created two cocktails the ’Carpe Diem’ Negroni and ‘Tu Vuo Fa; L’Americano’ said, “One of the best things about being a bartender is exercising your freedom to both create and innovate, making your mark in the community and being part of the bartender brotherhood. Reinterpreting the classics introduces a whole new dimension to cocktail drinking and I was thrilled to take part in the Campari Classic Compendium. Of course Campari will always remain at the heart of the Negroni and Americano but it is an exciting time for mixology and these contemporary twists mean that these cocktails will continue to inspire whilst retaining their relevance in the ever-changing modern era.”  


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Carpe Diem

Cocktail Recipe:

30 ml. Campari

30 ml. Cocchi Barolo Chinato

30 ml. VII Hills gin

1 spray of Punico Zahare (if this is not available, orange blossom water can be used as an alternative)

Preparation: Stir all ingredients a mixing glass, with the exception of the Punico Zahare. Strain into the glass with a chunk of ice. Garnish with an orange butterfly and just before serving, spray the top of the cocktail with Punico Zahare.

Glass: Rocks glass


Tu Vuò Fa' L'Americano

Cocktail Recipe:

3 cl. Campari

3 cl. Vya Sweet Vermouth

Top up with Hop Mountain Pale Ale (if this not available to you, any American pale ale can be used as an alternative)

Preparation: Stir in a mixing glass and strain into the glass. To finish, garnish with red dried wheat, a maraschino cherry and lemon peel.

Glass: Vintage highball glass



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Last updated May 17 2017