Campari creates: N100 discovering new talent to continue artistic legacy

CAMPARI has partnered with graduates from Central Saint Martins to create artwork inspired by 100 years of the Negroni to define a new legacy of CAMPARI artwor

September London, UK: CAMPARI Creates, the brand’s art and design initiative, returns for its third year, presenting CAMPARI Creates: N100 – a collaboration with world renowned art and design college, Central Saint Martins. The initiative invited four graduates of the brightest artistic talent to create artwork inspired by the Negroni, in celebration of the iconic cocktail’s 100th year, to then be immortalised in the CAMPARI Galleria Archives in Milan.

CAMPARI has long been the catalyst and inspiration for some of the most distinctive and innovative imagery created in Italy, with its pioneering approach of commissioning daring, up-and-coming artists, to create advertising posters for the iconic red aperitivo. CAMPARI is at the heart of the enigmatic Negroni, and with the cocktail celebrating its 100th birthday, the artists were tasked with continuing the celebrations by creating artwork inspired by the drink.  From the feeling when you take the first sip, to its vibrant colour and smooth taste, each piece is an artistic representation of how the Negroni makes each of the artists feel.  The final pieces, in their own unique way, pay homage to a cocktail that boasts an unparalleled narrative and passion: the Negroni.

Central Saint Martins is famed for producing high energy, intelligent, creativity that aims to redefine and challenge the boundaries of art and design.  When combined with the passion, intrigue and bold nature of the Negroni, this project has produced stand out pieces that will form part of CAMPARI’s artistic legacy in the UK.  These latest works continue CAMPARI’s creative heritage in the UK following in the footsteps of artists such as Eley Kishimoto (CAMPARI Creates 2017) and Mark McClure (CAMPARI Creates: The Mostra 2018).

Alex Schady, Programme Director of Fine Art, supported the all graduates of MA Fine Art; Francesco Poiana, Jan Chan, Pablo Castaneda and Richard Whale, in the creation of these unique pieces of fine art.  Alex says:

“There are few brands who can genuinely boast of a long-standing connection to art, but CAMPARI is undeniably one of them.  CAMPARI’s bold and daring approach to commissioning artists to create works of art is unparalleled, and to be part of a project that continues this in the UK was a privilege.  The Negroni provided the artists with a unique inspiration that has led to them experimenting with a range of techniques to create four diverse pieces of work, that are a visual representation of the undeniable charisma of the cocktail.   The winning piece being included in the CAMPARI Galleria in Milan is a fantastic opportunity for an up-and-coming artist to be part of continuing that connection, sitting alongside legendary Italian artists Depero and Munari.”

Consumers will have the exclusive chance to view this showcase of artistic talent for one night only at the famous Estorick Collection, the perfect setting with its specialism in Modern Italian Art, on the 1st October from 15:30 -20.30.  Admission is FREE with all exhibition visitors offered a free Negroni, allowing guests to celebrate both the iconic taste and image of the 100-year-old cocktail.

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Last updated Oct 07 2019