BULLDOG. A modern gin for a modern drinker.

LONDON, 10th May 2017 - Launched in 2008 and acquired by Gruppo Campari in 2017, BULLDOG Gin aims to redefine perceptions of what a gin can be. With its British attitude and global mind-set, its bold black bottle and distinct flavour, BULLDOG Gin is a forward-thinking gin that has been causing a stir on the global gin scene.  The only gin that will take you from sundown to sunup, BULLDOG Gin is the natural go-to for any modern gin drinker.

Produced in the world’s oldest continuous gin distillery and adhering to the highest international quality standards, BULLDOG Gin begins as a triple distilled neutral grain spirit, crafted using only the finest British wheat and water. 12 carefully selected exotic botanicals are then added during the fourth distillation creating a smooth, well balanced London Dry Gin. The citrus base of lemon and coriander gives way to warming liquorice spices, followed by the floral freshness of dragon eye, lotus leaf and white poppy. These final three botanicals are entirely unique to BULLDOG gin, specifically sourced after multiple combination tests to create a distinct and versatile liquid.

BULLDOG Gin’s perfect serve, complimenting the distinctive and versatile flavour profile is the Zesty Citrus Gin & Tonic, garnished with refreshing lemon and pink grapefruit and served over ice in a copa glass for a perfect, cooling cocktail, down to the last drop.

Campari UK’s Marketing Director Nick Williamson says of the brand; “BULLDOG Gin has a bold attitude and infectious sociability which sets it apart from other gin brands. It’s these characteristics, along with its premium quality and unique flavour profile, which also enable BULLDOG Gin to contend with other spirit categories which play in the dusk ‘til dawn sphere.” 

BULLDOG Gin’s ambitious vision was to create a new kind of London Dry Gin, and in doing so, shake up the category. BULLDOG Gin’s unique flavour profile ensures its place as the drink of choice for any occasion, any time of the day or night; expanding consumers’ tastes outside of traditional gin occasions. With a bold attitude, unquestionable style and infectious sociability BULLDOG Gin is crafted with the modern-day gin drinker firmly in mind. 

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For more information on BULLDOG Gin, please contact Lara MacAlpine:
lara.m@brand-revolution.com / 0207 259 9499

Notes to Editor:
BULLDOG is available at Ocado.com for £22.00

Last updated Aug 01 2017